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Al-Qaeda Calls For Murder of Americans In First Magazine Issue Since 2017

Al-Qaeda Calls For Murder of Americans In First Magazine Issue Since 2017

Gee, what has changed since then? My latest in FrontPage:

In April 2017, Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) released an issue of Inspire magazine, its glossy, slickly produced online magazine that praises jihad murderers and calls on Muslims to commit more acts of jihad terrorism. After that, Inspire went silent – until now. The first new issue in four years has just appeared, heaping praise upon the Colorado jihad mass murder Ahmad Al-Issa (who was called “Alissa” in establishment media reports which, as usual, glossed over his identity as a jihadi) and calling for more such attacks. The timing is interesting. What has changed between 2017 and now to make al-Qaeda think that it’s safe to start calling for the murder of Americans again?

The answer to that question is clear, and it’s sitting in the Oval Office right now. Anyone whose mind isn’t completely clouded over with Leftist propaganda is aware that Biden’s handlers’ administration projects weakness to the world, and that weakness is an opportunity for al-Qaeda, the Islamic State, and other jihadis the world over, including those who are running the Islamic Republic of Iran. Hassan Danaeifar, the Islamic Republic of Iran’s former ambassador to Iraq, recently crowed about this weakness, and the opportunity it afforded to the enemies of the beacon of the free world: “I believe that that current president is not a two-term president. He is a president who cannot make decisions. The Americans have been unable to make a decision with regard to Syria. They have made half decisions and failed to accomplish their plans – not only in Iraq, with regard to ISIS, but also in Syria, and in Lebanon. When we examine the region, we see that on various issues, the Americans have taken a passive position. This passive position spells the imminent collapse of America. You can rest assured. You and I have witnessed the fall of the Shah and that of the USSR, and we shall witness the fall of America.”

Maybe. Maybe not. But there is no doubt whatsoever that Iran and al-Qaeda and others will be taking advantage of Biden’s handlers’ weakness in order to advance their goal of destroying the United States. Jihad Watch read more


Muslims Slaughter 3,462 Christians, Kidnap 3,000, Attack 300 Churches in Nigeria So Far This Year

Muslims Slaughter 3,462 Christians, Kidnap 3,000, Attack 300 Churches in Nigeria So Far This Year

No coverage from the sharia-compliant, jihad cheering media. You can get away with unspeakable crimes against humanity if you are deemed an elite, protected class by the leftist supremacist media.

Islamic supremacism – respect it, islamoophobes!.

Nigeria: 3,462 Christians killed, 3,000 abducted, 300 churches attacked so far this year

By: NTB, July 22, 2021:

Some of the numbers in Nigeria since January 2021:

  • 3,462 Christians killed
  • 3,000 Christians abducted
  • 300 churches attacked, closed, burnt, or destroyed
“It is deeply saddening that till date those responsible for the anti Christian butcheries in the country have continued to evade justice and remained unchecked, untracked, uninvestigated and untried; leading to impunity and repeat-atrocities,” said International Society for Civil Liberties & the Rule of Law (Intersociety), the group that produced the…

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Discovering Asia Bibi

The NeoConservative Christian Right

Asia Bibi 2021

John R. Houk

© July 23, 2021

Do you recall the persecution of Pakistani-Christian Asia Bibi? In case you have forgotten or never heard of her ordeal, she was a Pakistani-Christian laborer who dared to quench her thirst from an apparently Muslim-only well. The offended Muslims engaged in epithets against Asia’s faith which landed her in a no-win situation for Pakistan is an Islamic Republic. This means extolling any faith other than Islam is blasphemy. AND in Pakistan the penal code requires the death penalty.

The thing about life in Pakistan and the blasphemy penal code is that unscrupulous Muslims often use the blasphemy accusation to settle personal disputes with Christians (and other non-Muslim faiths) or to acquire the rare piece of property a poverty stricken Pakistani-Christian might own.

I was so enraged of the religious persecution Asia Bibi received, that included roughly a decade on Pakistan’s…

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